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Why Zero AI

The best interface between you and your devices - is no interface at all. A device and it's apps that can do what you need, when you need it, with minimal interaction, is the ideal interaction you can have.
A combination of breakthrough new Voice Recognition + Human Language Processing + Machine Learning + Artificial Intelligence is making that happen and it's called Zero AI. Zero AI will be available to you as an intelligent Voice Interface that understands meaning, intent and context and is built on patented algorithms that mimic in many ways, the way the human brain processes conversation and result in all of this capability to be available locally on device, so your device / app doesn't need to make expensive round-trips to the cloud each time an input is uttered - saving you time (it is instant in response) and money.
The IoE


How is this different

When you look at the interactions you have with your devices - Siri on iOS, Google Now on Android, Cortana and Alexa/Echo from Amazon, they are defined and limited to what these services know and what they integrate with. These assistant bots interact only with certain apps or services, creating both a limitation to what you can access and discrimination against those that aren't 'picked' by these assistants.
Zero AI is entirely the other way around - it's what makes any app or service sound human by letting them create a customized interface to you.

These Assistants also need you to be connected to the Internet for them to even understand what you say to them, and their accuracy goes down the drain as the background noise around you increases.
Zero AI is entirely unique because it resides on the device you are using (your phone, car, watch, TV and so on) and does not require a connection to the Internet to understand your conversations. The patented algorithms are designed for real-world environments like Cafes, Cars with kids chatting in the back - you know, real life and work in areas of high levels of background and foreground noise.


OEMs & Developers

Zero AI will be available as a fully extensible SDK for you to embed in your fabulous device or app. And because Zero AI is ENTIRELY LOCAL on the device, it can be embedded in your app, so you can now have full Voice Recognition built into your device or app. If you have a cool new game, boom, users will now be able to slay aliens and jump stairs by shouting instructions. And if your app allows users to send photos and messages, they can now do more by just telling it what they want done. In cars and IoT devices, you will have the ability to give users a natural conversational interface for everything they can interact with. All this without using up their precious bandwidth. And in milli-second response times. Voice security is built in, so you can make sure authorized users are asking things of your great app.

This is going to be oh-so-cool.



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Zero AI is built by Zero Labs, Inc. in San Francisco.
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